Can I still get CRM Online trial of older version?


As Microsoft keeps releasing new versions of Dynamics 365/CRM, we should be prepared for the new features; but it is frequent requirement that, when we are about to test our customizations on older versions, and we register a trial, we get surprise of the newly released version. So, how can we test our customizations on the version we were expected?

This blog explains how can we achieve this.

Follow below steps to get older version of Dynamics CRM Online versions

  1. Visit and get started and sign up for new trial.
  2. Once you create new online environment, it will be the latest version of Dynamics 365 CRM.
  3. Go to > Admin Center.

admin center

  1. In Admin Center, click on Dynamics 365.

dynamics 365 in admin center

  1. You will see something like below:

instance manager

  1. Click on Edit. Change the Instance Type to Sandbox. Click Next & Save. After this step, you will see something like below.

sandbox options in instance management

  1. Click on RESET. You will get option to select Target Version.

target versions

  1. Select the version you want and click Reset. That’s it.

2 thoughts on “Can I still get CRM Online trial of older version?

  1. Yeah not quite 🙂it only typically goes back to recent versions you won’t see 2013 R1 for example but still good to point out this functionality not many people realise you can do that instance reset with online trial versions

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