How to insert hyperlink with friendly URL in Email Templates in CRM

Problem Statement

  • Many times we came across the scenario to have links in email templates and make the email template better in presentation aspect with the help of HTML.
  • This blog explains how can you add hyperlink with friendly URL in Email templates.

Business Scenario

  • ‘Adventure Works’ company wants to send email notification to case owner on create of case with below email format.


  • Click here should navigate user to URL stored in Custom URL field of Case entity.
  • We will achieve this requirement with the help of email template.

Note: I have not covered creation of workflows in this blog. I will use workflow on create of case record to send email using below email template.

Steps to create email template

  • Click New. Select Template Type as Case.
  • Go to Settings > Templates > Email Templates


  • Create template body as per below:


Below will be the output:

email output.png
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