Select your error notification preferences

  • We have observed that many times when we access CRM environment, somehow we get to see below error notifications. Most of the times these errors are not related to our custom development.


  • So, when we are in meeting, or showing product demo to client, and if such errors occur on the screen, clients will not like it and hence we should always take care of these unwanted and uncontrollable errors.
  • As, these are not our errors, the only thing we can do is that, we can disable these notifications to come up on the screen.
  • Below are the 2 ways in which you can disable these notifications:

Method 1: Ask individual user to set the preferences.

  1. Go to Personal settings from Top Right Setting icon.


  1. Go to Privacy tab and select option ‘Never send an error report to Microsoft about Microsoft Dynamics CRM’.
  2. Click OK.

Method 2: You (CRM Administrator) set preferences on behalf of your users.

  1. Go to Settings > Administration.
  2. Select Privacy Preferences option.
  3. Select setting as below:



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